Welcome to AMP Fitness – From 2021, following the disruption of COVID-19 on the fitness industry we turned our attention to delivering clients results within their own homes. Not only is this safer, it’s also convenient and proving to be just as effective, if not more than personal training in the gym.​

Home training allows our clients to feel comfortable whilst exercising at a time suitable to them. Our team is expanding and our reputation is also growing fast, everyday we are seeing more and more happy clients, overwhelmed by our by our service and the results they are achieving. ​

We work with clients with set time frames which are dictated by their goals. Our primary aim is to provide an efficient service, getting clients from A to B in the best and fastest way possible. All of our trainers are highly qualified individuals with varying years of experience. Additionally, each client journey, including trainer performance is continually monitored by Head Coach, Jay.

All of our package prices are reflective of the superior standard of service we provide. ​We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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