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Accurate Measured Performance (AMP) Coaching, we strive to unlock athlete’s potential and guide them to achieving personal goals. Our values underpin our training ethos and our purpose is to provide and experience whereby both coach and athlete develop and grow.

Let’s get AMP’d!

AMP Coaching’s philosophy is anchored by our Core Values:

  • Honesty. Coaches will maintain an open honest dialogue throughout.
  • Efficiency. We will work closely to ensure athletes are getting the best possible training outcomes from the time they have available. We believe in effective work not always the hardest work.
  • Passion. Success is driven by motivation and derived from passion. We are passionate about our athletes and their goals. We have a passion for the journey.
  • Positivity. There is no such thing as a ‘bad’ session, test or performance. We will identify a positive learning point from any situation and use it to the greatest effect. 
  • Commitment. We commit to preparing you to tackle your SMART goals in the best possible condition you can be in. 


We will work honestly and openly with athletes to achieve your SMART goals. Training will be specific, efficient, and progressive, with learning points no matter how the session goes. You will understand what to do and why you’re doing it every step of the way.

“Your journey is our passion“


Our aim is to provide a meaningful experience for our athletes whilst enhancing their skills and knowledge of training SMART. Athletes will advance their own understanding of the fundamentals of the sport.


Our coaching principles are very simple. Athletes must understand the intent of every session; Technical, Endurance, Interval or Top End Tuning. Athletes can then focus on the process and not the outcome; how am I feeling, what is my pace like and how is my form?

“Controlling the controllable”


Accurate, measured, performance-focused coaching will teach you to control the controlables, ensuring you have the best possible result on race day. Your performance is a combination of genetics, fitness and technique, and together we will target maximal improvements to these areas. Physical development will combine with increased mental resilience to take you far beyond what you think is possible.

“Performance = Genetics + Fitness + Technique“


To enable our coaches to use expertise in utilising the latest analytical tools we require athletes to commit to training with heart rate monitors and power meters. It is imperative that the athlete be able to upload data frequently to TrainingPeaks to allow coaches to continually adapt a progressive training programme.
TrainingPeaks here

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